Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cider Mule

Moscow mules are a great cocktail if you want something refreshing. So of course I had to create a holiday inspired moscow mule. I had already made one a few weeks ago with cranberry so I wanted to try it out with a little apple flavoring this time and I was NOT disappointed. Spiced Apples are a quintessential holiday flavor because of apple pie. (In fact yesterdays cocktail was an apple cider sangria.) But, I promise this series won't be all pumpkin and apple flavored cocktails! 


Ginger beer
3 oz Spiced apple syrup
6 shots of Vodka
Lime wedge
Diced apples and Cinnamon sticks for garnish


Start by filling your mule cup with crushed ice. Pour spiced apple syrup (I picked mine up from Coopers Hawk winery) over ice, add vodka, squeeze in your lime wedge and stir! Top off with your ginger beer to taste!

 Best enjoyed with friends in front of a Christmas tree, obviously!