Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Coats When I Wish It Was Spring

Ok, guys. It is STILL cold and snowing here in Kansas City. This is my first *real* winter in about 4 years so I have plenty of mixed feelings. 

I can go from "Omg, this snow is so whiteeee, and fresh, and pretty!" to... "ok, crank up the heat, give me 5 blankets, and don't make me move for an entire day." You probably don't want to know that I cried the first day I had to drive to work in the snow... and called my dad.

 Living in Savannah, Georgia took away any and ALL snow driving knowledge that I had. But boy, oh boy, did it make for some gorgeous photos this past weekend. 

If you know me, you know that I own a lot of black. It's not on purpose. It's not even my favorite color, I just love a good classic piece to add to my closet. And when I saw this coat in H&M I was more than ready to commit. Can you blame me? 

How can you resist the side zipper? It's been a coat style I've longed for, and I finally found one I actually wanted. 

I'm all about a coat that doesn't hide my feminine qualities. Yeah, I'm human. Some days I only want to go out in the baggiest, biggest, ugly coat(s) I have. 

But this is one that's so easy to throw on and still feel ready to take on the world with a flip of my hair and the jangle of bracelets. Being a powerful woman does not mean I have to give up the fun fashion. 

Alas, I love this coat, but I can't wait to retire it. Where are you, Spring?! 

Coat | H&M / Purse (old) | Kelly&Katie (Similar) / Bangles (old) | Target (Similar) / Essie Nail Polish | A Cut Above Luxe Effect / Essie Nail Polish | Blanc and In Stitches